Wednesday 6 March 2019

Images from the Poetry NZ Yearbook 2019 Launch

Featured Poet Stephanie Christie at the Devonport Library
[photo: Bronwyn Lloyd]

Order of Events:

Paul Beachman & Jack Ross [photo: BL]

Paul Beachman (Devonport Library Associates)

Jack Ross [photo: BL]

Jack Ross (Editor: Poetry New Zealand)

Nicola Legat [photo: BL]

Publisher (Massey University Press):
Nicola Legat

Stephanie Christie [photo: BL]

Featured Poet:
Stephanie Christie

Stephanie Christie [photo: BL]

Chris Gallavin [photo: BL]

Launch speech:
Prof Chris Gallavin

PNZ Poetry Prize winners:

Natalie Modrich [photo: BL]

Natalie Modrich - 3rd prize for 'Retail' (p.213)

Natalie Modrich [photo: BL]

Brett Gartrell - 2nd prize for 'After the principal calls' (p.210)
[sent his apologies, so poem read out by Jack Ross]

Wes Lee - 1st prize for ‘The Things She Remembers #1’ (p.206)
[sent her apologies, so poem read out by Jack Ross]

Other poets from this and past issues:

Johanna Emeney [photo: BL]

Johanna Emeney

Alexandra Fraser [photo: BL]

Alexandra Fraser

Michele Leggott [photo: BL]

Michele Leggott

Fardowsa Mohamed [photo: BL]

Fardowsa Mohamed

Tracey Slaughter [photo: BL]

Tracey Slaughter

Bryan Walpert [photo: BL]

Bryan Walpert

Bryan Walpert [photo: BL]

Book signing

Cover design: Jo Bailey

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