Thursday 11 May 2017

Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day 2017

I'm happy to have been asked to share the following press release about Poetry Day:

Kia ora and welcome all National Poetry Day organisers and enthusiasts, present and past!

Registrations for Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day 2017 are now open!

It’s also our twentieth anniversary, so this year is going to be bigger, better and more extraordinary than ever. (For registrations details and links, see below).

Miriam Barr, our fantastic NPD coordinator for the last couple of years, is now focussing on other interests and projects. My name is Harley Hern, and I have the pleasure of working in the new role of National Poetry Day Administrator. Many of you know me already; I look forward to working with you further. For those of you I haven’t met, I’m going to enjoy getting to know you as we work together through the countdown. Now, my aim is to build upon the strong foundation created by Miriam, and her predecessor, the glorious Siobhan Harvey.

Here are some updates:
  • Phantom Billstickers remains our sponsor, with greater involvement than ever, greater exposure for NPD through their huge list of followers (and I’m hoping lots of luscious images for us).
  • We’re growing our social media presence further, making it more dynamic and interactive. Facebook is ready for your Poetry Day promotions, comments and as many great photos as you want to post. We’re also on Twitter (@NZPoetryDay).
  • Our website (now at ) will soon have fresh images and new poster templates for you to use.

This year we will also launch our soon-to-be-announced twentieth anniversary celebration, so remember to keep this anniversary in mind when you plan your events.

For easier registration, there are some changes:
- We no longer need your full blurb at registration, just an idea of what you’re planning. You can send your draft blurb in later after registrations close. This cuts down the paperwork. (Don’t worry – I’ll remind you of the deadline further in).

- The new and abbreviated online form is available here. Otherwise you can download the registration template, copy into a text document, then transfer your details to the online form in your own time.
Registrations close on the 24th of May. If you are applying for seed funding, the successful applicants will be announced 5 June. Otherwise, you’ll hear from me sooner.

National Poetry Day will be on the 25th August (the last Friday of August, as per usual).

That’s enough for now. I will send further updates, tips and advice soon. All the very best with your planning. If you have any questions, please do ask.

Let’s make this 25th August 2017 a fantastic celebration both of the power and beauty of language, and our vibrant poetry community.

Click this link: Register now!

All the very best,

Harley Hern

Harley Hern
Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day 2017
New Zealand Book Awards Trust