Sunday 5 August 2018

Upcoming events: Massey University Poetry Day Reading [24/8/18]

Title: Massey University Reading for National Poetry Day!
Description: Come hear an hour of poetry from emerging, up and coming local poets.
Entry details: Free and open to the public
Time/Date: 12-1.30 p.m, Friday 24 August 2018
Location: AT2, Atrium Building, Massey University Albany Campus
Contact: Bryan Walpert ( or Jack Ross (
Further info: For further information, please contact Bryan or Jack.

Wednesday 1 August 2018

Submissions closed for Poetry New Zealand 53

Poetry New Zealand on Fouras beach, côte Atlantique
[photographs: Michael Dean]

Yes, I'm afraid that time has come again: time to fold up your towels and come in out of the sun - submissions for Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2018, issue no. 53, due out in early 2019, are now officially closed.

Fold up that towel!

I'll continue to add various commissioned reviews and other bits and pieces to the text, but any unsolicited work that's sent to me from now on will have to be sent back. You're welcome to start preparing your material for Yearbook 2020 [Issue 54], but it might be better to hold off on that until mid-2019. Once again, we'll be following the convention of accepting entries from Mayday until the end of July.

Some of you may have been feeling a bit uneasy about the lack of a reply to the work you've sent. It's not really practical to acknowledge each submission as it arrives. I do hope that only a very few of you will be kept waiting more than three months from the date of receipt, however.

So please do rest assured that we're working through them all, and that each of you will receive a reply in the very near future.