Friday 25 July 2014

Submissions closed for Poetry NZ 49

I'm afraid that I have to report that submissions for the next issue of Poetry NZ, no. 49, due out - I hope - in late October, are now closed. I'll continue to add various commissioned reviews and other bits and pieces to the text, but any unsolicited work that's sent to me from now on will have to wait to be considered for next year's issue instead. You're welcome to send me material for PNZ 50 [PNZ Yearbook 2], but it might be better to hold off till early 2015 unless you're in a very great hurry.

That is, I'm afraid, one of the problems with the new yearbook format. I had originally planned to make the end of June this year my deadline, but fascinating submissions have continued to come in, so I can't say that I regret stretching that a bit.

Some of you have also been feeling a bit uneasy about the lack of a reply to the poems you've sent. I do apologise for that. I inherited quite a lot of material from the previous editorial team, and have continued to receive a steady stream of submissions ever since. I do promise in future to keep more closely to the guideline of a reply within three months of receipt, though. That's one of the new systems I'd like to get in place for future issues.

Rest assured that I am working through them all, and that all of you will receive a reply in the very near future.

The advantage of the new format, though, is that I'll be able to put in far more poems, and far more extras generally. I'm looking forward to showing you all the excellent material that's been collected so far!

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